Joint Strategic Plan and Action Plan 2017-2020

The Care Act 2014 requires Safeguarding Adult Boards to develop and publish its Strategic Plan each financial year which should address both short and long-term goals. The Board must set out how it will help people in Greenwich and the actions that will be taken to improve the safeguarding of adults in the Borough.

Safeguarding Adult Boards must consult with their local Healthwatch and involve the local community in developing the strategic plan. ‘The local community has a role to play in the recognition and prevention of abuse and neglect, but active and on-going work with the local community is needed to tap into this source of support’ (Care and Support Statutory Guidance: Issued Under the Care Act 2014).

To develop this strategic plan, a ‘Setting New Priorities Event was held on 9 January 2017 with members of the Safeguarding Adults Board and the Leadership Executive Group. This included representatives from Healthwatch, Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP), Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service and Greenwich Association of Disabled People. The 6 key principles of safeguarding defined in the Care Act 2014 formed the framework around how the priorities for safeguarding adults in Greenwich were to be identified.

A ‘Challenge’ event was also held on 9 February 2017 where members of the Safeguarding Adults Board continued work to agree the priorities for the Joint Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 and develop the action plan for 2017-18.

Excellent work has been undertaken over the past year by the voluntary sector (GrIP and GAVs) in raising awareness of safeguarding adults within the Borough. A community engagement event, organised and led by GrIP was held on 1 March 2017 where reporting of community group briefing sessions on safeguarding adults and actions that the Safeguarding Adults Board should prioritise were discussed.

This Joint Strategic Plan sets out the outcomes that the Safeguarding Adults Board wants to achieve and its priorities and actions for the next three years. Progress will be monitored throughout the year at the Safeguarding Adults Board and reported in the Annual Report. The Strategic plan for 2017-20 will be reviewed and updated in January/February 2018 and 2019.

Strategic plan 2017-2020: 2 1 SAB ACTION PLAN Version 1.15